Creative Relationship

It is our dream that society is a network of creative relationships. To create is to bring something that did not exist before, into being; so creative relationship brings about harmony, and happiness which each one feels.


A relationship is, in a way, an entity – an organism that either has a dynamism (metabolism) that keeps it growing in a healthy, positive way, or it has one that does not provide immunity against germs that may invade and cause the nemisis of the relationship.

When two people relate, they inevitably encounter each other’s individual egodynamic; for the relationship to keep growing, there must be a “supra”-dynamic which transccends both their individual egodynamics, serving as an impersonal Norm to direct and reflect their individual egodynamic. This ensures that when there is a blind dynamic from either side, threatening to dominate – it is identified, communicated about, resolved, and integrated within their Supra-Dynamic.
In most relationships there is a gradient – differences between the individuals: in sentiment or personal values; in political or religious convictions, and in philosophical views. This gradient in a relationship can cause the dynamic of conflict, from subtle to coarse. But the incident of conflict by itself is insignificant. What is significant is the supra-dynamic: the mutual substratum of common values, views, and sentiments. When the particular incident is placed within this substratum it is given a creative value promotive of intimacy – this is the dynamic that levels the gradient: brings them closer, makes them more intimate, and moves the relationship a step forward or a step upward – a step inward!

A healthy relationship is in a state of constant homeostasis: it maintains itself and insulates itself from any negative dynamics because all individuals involved relate (as a matter of course) to all arising events and incidences from their mutually assumed substratum.

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