The Solution

Initially, by failing to stand up to the bad act, we are enabling the person who committed it to do bigger and worse things in the future. So when people fail to stand up to the heinous acts of a bad person, they are empowering that person’s cover up, the very core of their propensity to do further bad acts in the future. Moreover, failure to stand up to the bad act requires people to rationalize their failure to act, which in turn ends up literally warping their thinking process.- G. Washington

The question is: can there be – is there – a solution that would end abuse?

As long as there are abusers there would be abuse; the solution is, in each particular case, in the will of the victim. But the abuser then particularly targets his abuse onto whom he discerns as weak willed? This is precisely why the current campaign is hitting on the solution when it calls on, and motivates, victims in abusive relationships to break their silence, to speak out about it, to get outside support – to expose the abuser.

Research proves that abusers rarely stop of their own accord: indeed, the abuser does not stop or change (all he needs is an opportunity) – but in many cases, only the victim can stop the abuse.

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